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Prepare A Master
Prepare A Master

General Master Guidelines

  • Masters must be "READY TO RUN":
    • songs in correct order
    • needing no equalization, compression, or level adjustment
    • complete list of song titles
    Masters that are not “ready to run” will incur additional charges for mastering. Equalization, level adjustments, etc. ARE NOT provided unless specifically requested and will be billed at an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum. Ask your Account Executive about SPECIAL OFFERS on Mastering services in our world class Studios!
  • While we can accept all master formats, there may be nominal charges associated with certain formats.
  • NEVER send your only copy. Always supply us with a “RUNNING MASTER”.
  • A Master Log is required to be supplied by the customer for all formats. Projects without a completed Master Log will be put on hold until one is supplied.
  • Prepare a list that is accurate to locate beginning and ending points.
  • Prepare a guideline of spurious noise information that indicates any unusual noises or general notes regarding the quality of the recording.
  • Eastco is not responsible for errors in your Master Log or if no Master Log is provided.

Master Guidelines for Audio CD Replication & Duplication

  • CD-R is the preferred master format for CD replication & duplication. Other formats are accepted but will incur additional charges for re-mastering to CD-R.
  • CD-R masters must be burned “Disc at Once” in a single session and must be PQ coded
  • CD-R masters must conform to Red Book standards.
  • CD-R masters must be 16 bit, 44.1 kHz and peak no higher than 0 db (“digital zero”).
  • CD-R masters must be free of C2 Errors.
  • CD-R masters must be free of scratches, fingerprints, etc…
  • The maximum number of tracks on a CD is 99.
    The minimum track length is 4 seconds.
    The maximum length of a CD is 74 minutes.
    80 minute discs are possible, contact us for details.

Master Guidelines for CD-ROM Replication

  • Due to the wide array of content available to be delivered on CD-ROM, your master guidelines will be specific to each project. Contact us to find out what specifications your project requires.

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