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Eastco Multi Media Solutions
Real World Success
My company is expanding. Since we were already using Eastco’s other services, it was a no-brainer to have them manage our Mailing, Warehousing and fulfillment too. We needed to be focusing on the next big idea, not worrying about Mailing, Warehousing and fulfillment!
Packaged according to your needs
Mailing and Fulfillment
Mailing and Fulfillment
We offer an enlightened approach to your Direct Marketing needs. With Eastco, you’ll begin reducing your overhead, while providing your customers with lower costs and faster delivery times. Together, we’ll design a streamlined program for your order Fulfillment, Shipping and Warehousing, whether you’re an international corporation or a small start-up.
Mailing Services

Eastco provides our clients with all-inclusive, Integrated Logistics and Fulfillment services that can be packaged according to each customer’s needs. Our team and our software will work seamlessly with you. We’re set-up to ship your products - domestic or world-wide - with tracked and guaranteed delivery, or a more economical solution.

Eastco is an established business partner for any organization utilizing pin-point Direct Mail campaigns or Fulfillment projects. We have developed our range of Fulfillment services to respond to the varying trends in the Direct Marketing Industry.

Fulfillment & Warehousing

We’re your product’s keeper. Our suite of Fulfillment services makes it more cost effective to outsource Inventory Management. Eastco will provide you with a proposal, blueprinting how we’ll properly manage your inventory. Our team will Catalog, Ship, Warehouse and Manage your products as if they were in your keeping.

Our service is entirely integrated, ensuring that you’ll be able to use all sales channels available to you while managing your sales orders. At the same time, our Warehousing and Fulfillment service provides complete access to stock and delivery information - allowing you to manage both your customers and your business.
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Eastco Multi Media Solutions
Eastco Multi Media Solutions